12 Amazing Uses for Pepper You Didn’t Know About

Various forms of pepper have long been used to satisfy our culinary experience but as it turns out, there is a lot more to pepper than meets the eye.

Let’s have a look at some of the things pepper can be used for other than to spice foods:

1. If your old clunker is starting to get a slow leak in the radiator, pour some black pepper into it plug up small holes. This will buy you time to get it fixed properly.

2. Are you having trouble with biting ants in your yard? You don’t need to use harsh chemicals for this. All you need is about a half cup of black or cayenne pepper poured down the hole and voila, no more ant problem.

3. This also holds true for hungry ants looking for something sweet in your kitchen. You can put white pepper in their path and they will disappear thinking there are no meals here.

4. No sooner have you planted your vegetable garden than those pesky hungry bugs arrive ready to undermine all your hard work. Here is a recipe that not only keeps insects away but also animals.

– 2 tbsp cayenne pepper

– 2 large cloves of garlic

– 4 medium sized onions

– 4 cups water

– In a blender or food processor, blend until completely smooth. Then add about a gallon of water and you are ready to spray your plants.

5. Want to keep your colors bright when you do laundry? A tsp of pepper in your wash will keep your colors bright a lot longer. It can also keep your colors from bleeding. There are not many products that can do that.

6. Do you have problems with your sinuses? Do you cleanse have a cold? Cayenne pepper in your favorite food can unclog you and get you cleared up in no time. Or, mix liquid pepper with eucalyptus and put it in your steamer to sooth and unclog your sinuses . (Your health food store should carry these drops. If they don’t, ask them to.)

7. Help your liver detoxify with this early morning drink;

– 1 lemon squeezed,

– ¼ tsp cayenne pepper,

– 1 cup filtered water,

– 1 tsp maple syrup

When you drink this every morning you begin to look forward to it.

8. For arthritis pain you can make your own homemade warming massage to sooth where it hurts.

Recipe: Mix together

1 dropper of almond oil (Always use a carrier oil such as almond, jojoba or olive oil)

2 drops of pepper

1 drop ginger

2 drops lavender

Massage on the affected area and feel the warmth working.

9. If you feel the beginning of a migraine headache coming on then immediately put about 4 to 5 droppers full of pepper in water and drink. If you don’t have the pepper tincture then you can use about a ¼ to ½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a half glass of water. Repeat after a half hour if you have any remaining pain.

10. According to Dr. Richard Schulze, M.H., N.D., if someone is having a heart attack, you can revive them by putting 4 to 5 droppers full of cayenne pepper tincture directly to the mouth. If you don’t have the tincture, use a tsp. of cayenne pepper and some water and continue to give it every five minutes until the person has recovered. They may sputter and choke a bit but according to Dr. Schulze, he has seen many miracles of people recovering completely.

11. Do you have a problem with squirrels eating the feed in your bird feeder? Cayenne pepper yet saves the day again. Sprinkling it in the feed does not affect the birds. They apparently have a high tolerance for the pepper and the vitamin A in it improves their plumage.

12. If you have problems with rodent chewing on cables then you can rub pepper tincture on them and they won’t go anywhere near it.

So there you have it. I’m sure we will discover more wonderful uses for this versatile spice.