BFPO Surprises: Unwrapping Joy for Our Brave Soldiers


“BFPO Surprises” is a heartfelt initiative dedicated to creating care packages that are more than just parcels—they are bundles of joy and surprise for our brave soldiers through the British Forces Post Office (BFPO). These thoughtfully curated packages aim to bring smiles, excitement, and a sense of connection to our servicemen and servicewomen, offering delightful surprises from home. Here’s a guide to crafting care packages that unwrap joy for our courageous military personnel.

Mystery-themed Care Packages

Introduce mystery-themed Care packages with concealed surprises. Whether it’s a “Movie Night” package, a “Snack Attack” bundle, or a “Holiday in a Box,” these themed surprises add an element of anticipation and excitement.

Handwritten Notes of Encouragement

Include handwritten notes of encouragement and appreciation from friends, family, and the community. These personal messages serve as heartfelt surprises that convey love, gratitude, and unwavering support to our soldiers.

Personalized Surprise Tokens

Incorporate personalized surprise tokens, such as custom-made keychains, engraved items, or small trinkets. These tokens add a personal touch and serve as lasting reminders of the love and connection from home.

Surprise Celebrations in a Box

Craft surprise celebration packages for special occasions. Include festive decorations, small gifts, and treats to commemorate birthdays, holidays, or other significant milestones, bringing the joy of celebrations to military bases.

Random Acts of Kindness Cards

Add “Random Acts of Kindness” cards with suggestions for small acts of kindness. Encourage our soldiers to perform or share these acts, creating a positive ripple effect within their units and fostering a sense of community.

Seasonal Surprise Decorations

Tailor care packages with seasonal surprise decorations. Whether it’s festive ornaments, themed banners, or holiday-inspired items, these surprises bring a touch of seasonal cheer to military environments.

Unexpected Treats and Goodies

Include unexpected treats and goodies that go beyond the ordinary. Surprise our soldiers with unique snacks, gourmet delights, or special items that add an element of excitement to their daily routines.

Interactive Games and Puzzles

Pack interactive games and puzzles for entertainment. Surprise our troops with engaging and challenging activities that provide mental stimulation and moments of fun during downtime.

Community Art Collaborations

Engage communities in collaborative art projects to create surprise artwork, banners, or drawings. These community-driven surprises convey the collective appreciation and support from the home front.

Personalized Surprise Packages

Create personalized surprise packages based on individual preferences. Tailor the surprises to include items aligned with hobbies, interests, or specific requests, ensuring that each care package is a delightful and personalized experience.


“BFPO Surprises” care packages are designed to be a source of joy and excitement for our servicemen and servicewomen. By including mystery-themed surprises, handwritten notes, personalized tokens, celebration packages, kindness cards, seasonal decorations, unexpected treats, interactive games, community art collaborations, and personalized surprise packages, these care packages become uplifting experiences. Through this initiative, we hope to bring moments of joy and surprise to our brave soldiers, letting them know that, even from afar, the love and support from their communities continue to unfold in delightful ways.