Elevate Your Space with Fox Wardrobe’ Hinged Door Collection

A home is a personal space that showcases the uniqueness of its dwellers. In a home, a wardrobe isn’t just a place to store clothes; it’s an embodiment of taste, style, and personal statement. At Fox Wardrobes, we understand that sentiment deeply, curating collections that resonate with diverse tastes.

Why Hinged Wardrobes?

When it comes to choosing wardrobes, there’s something timelessly elegant about made to measure wardrobe. Offering a complete view of one’s collection, the classic touch of hinged wardrobes is undeniably appealing. Moreover, with options to integrate mirrored panels, they not only amplify space but also enhance utility.

  • Versatile Styles: From the charm of the traditional Shaker and cosy cottage style doors to contemporary scoop and groove styles, our hinged door range has a touch of everything. Blended with an array of decors, there’s a combination waiting to fit seamlessly into every bedroom or home office.
  • Customised Finishes: Our made-to-measure hinged wardrobes redefine personalisation. Whether you’re drawn to classic shaker styles, want to incorporate LED lights, or are envisioning mirrored panels for added depth – the world of Fox Wardrobes offers boundless possibilities.
  • Utility Beyond Design: What’s behind the door matters as much as the door itself. With options to add a full-length mirror or extra hanging hooks, hinged wardrobe doors can double up as space savers.
  • Accessories Galore: No design is complete without the finishing touches. Dive into our rich collection of over 50 handles, 17 door & drawer styles, and a myriad of door & carcass colours. Additionally, our customisable accessories, from pull out tie rails to shoe drawers, add an elegant touch of organisation.

Fox Wardrobes: Where Craftsmanship Meets Trust

For over 15 years, Fox Wardrobes has been synonymous with quality and trust. Our journey is enriched by over 1200 projects every year, each echoing our commitment to excellence. Our family-driven ethos means that we’re not just crafting wardrobes; we’re creating experiences. As a beacon of made-to-measure excellence, our emphasis is not just on the product, but also on the journey. Our design meetings are holistic experiences, where we delve deep into your visions, ensuring every wardrobe we create is a testament to your taste. Are you ready to infuse your home with the elegance of hinged wardrobes? Discover our collection and embark on a journey of craftsmanship with Fox Wardrobes. After all, as we always say, “WE LOVE WHAT WE DO & YOU WILL TOO!”