Making a Koi Pond Waterfall

Making a koi pond waterfall can be a simple or hard task depending on the size of your koi pond. Before you start making your waterfall, it is a good idea to learn about the process of making a waterfall and how to avoid the various errors.

The Materials

There are many different materials that people use to create their waterfall. In concrete koi pond construction, even the waterfall will be made out of cement. However, do not purchase simple cement. You need to purchase a mixture that becomes waterproof when it sets. This is ideal for a waterfall. Then again, you could use a combination of cement and stone to create a truly wonderful waterfall.

The amount of stone you use, in contrast to the cement, really does depend on the amount of money you want to spend. Remember, natural stone is not the cheapest of resources. However, they are cheaper when you buy them in bigger sizes. But then you will need to cut them yourself.

The Equipment

When you purchase koi pond equipment, and you want to add a waterfall, then you will need 2 koi pond pumps. One pump will be used to circulate water within the pond itself while another is used to pump water up the waterfall.


In reality, making such a waterfall will take you many hours. If you are making a waterfall out of concrete, you will need to also wait for the concrete pond maintenance to harden before you can do anything else. From the initial digging to the final settings, the minimum time required to properly make a waterfall is 12 hours.

Avoidable Problems

There are a number of mistakes that people make when they construct their koi pond waterfall. They include:

Using the wrong mixture of cement
Using one big pump to pump water through the entire pond is another mistake. This is because most of the power is lost pumping water up the waterfall
Expecting that a waterfall will be made in a few short hours.
Making a koi pond waterfall should not be a difficult task as long as you know what is involved. Mind you, it will still take you some time to make so be prepared to spend many hours in its creation. However, if done right, and the right materials and equipment are used, your waterfall will look more beautiful than anything you have ever seen.