The Absolute Best Eco Friendly Travel Mug

Hi, my name is James and I am a Coffeeholic. I have found the absolute best eco friendly travel cup. It is the “DCI I Am Not a Paper Cup” porcelain travel cup.

Just so you know. I spend a little over 2 hours a day in the car coming and going to work and I always take a cup of coffee. Now I normally have between 2 and 2 1/2 pots of the black stuff every day, so I consider myself somewhat of a coffee expert. When out, I order my coffee “extra hot” because I want to enjoy it longer and not have to rush to finish it before it cools off.

In my constant quest to go green I have been shopping for an eco friendly travel mug. I have come to not like the idea of my paper and foam cups helping fill the reusable coffee cup landfills. I have bought countless coffee house mugs but they just didn’t cut it. When you want a cup of coffee, you want the last sip to be just as hot as the first. This just does not happen with the foam and paper cups that are passed across the bar when you order a latte.

My requirements were simple. I wanted a reusable travel mug that was easy to clean, did not change the flavor of the coffee and would keep my coffee HOT! Well, I found it. This Porcelain Coffee Cup does look like an actual paper cup. It keeps your coffee HOT and it is not paper. It is funny to see the look on peoples face when you set it down and it goes “tink” when it hits the table. This mug is double walled and has a rubber relief plug in the bottom. It is labeled as microwave safe just keep in mind that when you do put it in the microwave it will be hot when it comes out.

This cup does not change the coffee flavor at all. As a matter of fact. All you taste is coffee. The silicon lid is flexible and it does not leak. I rate this Eco friendly Coffee Cup at 4 Stars. I would give it 5 stars except it only holds 10 ounces. About the same size as the medium at Starbucks. All in all, I have no regrets that I bought this and as a matter of fact I am buying more and am giving them out as presents.

Since I have bought this I take it everywhere. Whenever I go to get some of Seattle’s best I always pass my cup and have them fill it up. If you are serious about going green, start with changing something that you do on a daily basis. Change your to go cups and stop filling up the landfills. Everything you do makes a difference. is the place to go for all of your Green Holiday shopping needs. You don’t need to spend a lot on big Christmas gifts for the ones you love.